Sunday, 29 April 2012

Vogues May 2012

Hei guys! 
i hope you are enjoying the beginning of the hot weather...
April is almost finish and finally we go to May, my favorite month!
i was checking the cover of the new VOGUE , it is Amazing.
Intrigued, I tried to find the most cover versions of other countries.
Different cultures, different shapes, different colors. I did a search and I managed to find some of the most important 
I think it's very interesting to understand and see how it is proposed the same magazine, the same month but in a different country.


 MAY 2012

vogue Nederland

vogue Australia

vogue Uk

vogue China

 vogue Germany

Vogue Greace

Vogue Japan

Vogue Mexico

Vogue French

Vogue Usa

xxx Chiara Brunone

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Paul Schietekat 's Shoes

Hey Hey What do we have here? 
i was browsing on the net 
when my eyes were impressed by a pair of amazing shoes

but I did not think it did affect even our shoes!

They are in fact a creation of Belgian artist Paul Schietekat.
The ‘High Tide Heels’ are currently on display at the Pinsart gallery, but have actually been around since 2006. They have appeared in an advert for Canal plus and they also seem to have inspired similar designs that have made it onto the catwalk and adverts raising awareness about global warming!

Instead they are meant to be a comical comment on climate change and rising sea levels.
"Humour is a very important element in my designs" said the 45-year-old Belgian-based artist.

  They seem to have inspired Jean Paul Gaultierinto creating this “ready to wear” look, below, that grazed the runway in Spring 2007.

Monday, 23 April 2012


Bonjour mon amis!
i absolutely have to tell you what upped in these days!
I went to Paris
A friend of mine decided to bring me to his incredible apartment on the Champes Elisee.. 
Trust ME it was AMAZING!
we shot the whole Paris and we had a great time.
Pietro, my friend, has a very nice friend in paris who led us into a very fashionable nightclubs!

the weather was ok and one evening we had the pleasure to assist an unbelievable Sunset.

Here all the photos of this Magical journey!

Enjoy It!

Photos by Chiara Brunone

Saturday, 14 April 2012


Here there are the 7 creations of my friend Marco!
as i just said to you, he passed the exam thanks his incredible skill to make hairstyles!
i would like to show you the FInale Work!

Photos by Chiara Brunone


#1 Camilla

#2 Mavi

 #3 Carlotta

 #4 Luca

 #5 Olga

#6 Mariella 

 #7 Stella