Tuesday, 24 September 2013



Pëdro (b.1987) is an artist based in Algarve(Portugal) , which grew up addicted to animated television series and comics, and that later on got sucked into graffiti culture. In a natural way, those are a few of his main influences that led him to what defines his work nowadays -  between papers, ink, sprays, markers, brushes – always exploring new materials and techniques, he’ll never fit as an lock-in-a-box artist.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013



Berlin, 14.09.2013. Urban Spree Gallery invites you to the opening  of Israeli illustrator Geffen Rafaeli and her original artwork based on a concept developed from Instagram, the ‘Dailydoodlegram’. The Dailydoodlegram is an Instagram based project. Every day Geffen Rafaeli chooses a few elements that inspire her from photos uploaded to Instagram, and creates an illustration giving them a new meaning and creating a new story. Her illustrations belong in a specific time frame and in reaction to images that were created on that same day.
In #DailyDoodleBerlin, the project is brought to a physical location: Berlin. Rafaeli will illustrate a selection of Instagram photos of the German capital, these illustrations will come together as an abstract portrait of the city
Since she started it in May 2012, her instagram account reached 28,900 followers worldwide.

(article found on http://www.kaltblut-magazine.com/)