Thursday, 3 October 2013


Daniel González, is a young photographer from Medellín, Colombia, and you have seen more of him here on KALTBLUT before. His photography is often inspired by his home country and the women of it. The simplicity of nudity, as something natural, without limits or prejudices is big part of his photographic work. This very blend of nature and human body is also present in his latest series Quimera. - Artcile by Kaltblut

“The body has been closely associated with art since its inception and in every age has been closer to ideologies, customs and socio-cultural perception. Nudity, is something natural that has been excommunicated based on prejudices, taboos, modesty, and all the introjected throughout history. The purpose of my work is to generate reflection about the nudity as a manifestation of natural behavior. Work explores a very personal language through topics such as: space, nature and corporeality.”

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